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Saturday, September 09, 2006

reflections on...

O, those were the days - heartbeat racing, smiles wavering... playground tantrums, forever friend crushes...

i must say i had truly fond memories of all the times spent in primary school - erm but i have to say i remember NOTHING of the classes themselves! heh heh. I still remember how it was always the 'boys' and the 'girls' and never the 2 shall mix! boy, was i so relieved to be in a girls' school after 6 yrs of ignoring the other half of the class. Thankfully, you all didn't really change my opinion of men for life! wahaha....

here's a recent pix of me.

*nope i wasn't looking at my toes - gracie was holding my hand and playing row row row yr boat*

Friday, August 25, 2006

Reflections on Reflections

Yo Andy,

U had a crush on Mrs Phang, is it?

I remember I had a beautiful, neatly-dressed English teacher in Pri 1A too. My 1st EL teacher in Poi Ching. That's why I always tell my wife, a P1-alternating P2-EL teacher (she teaches everything exc CL), that her children could develop crushes on her.


That's me, with my church cell-group bro who shares the same birth-date as me...

Monday, August 21, 2006


On a serious note, one thing I most regretted is that I lost contact with a particular female teacher who was my form teacher in Primary 1E and 2E. She was quite small-sized and wore spectacles. She was genuinely concerned about her pupils and even lent me her daughers' books to read. She also used to lecture me to study hard when all I knew then was to play play and more play (I never did listen to her and still ended up playing throughout my primary school days). Now, the only thing I can remember about her that I used to call her Mrs Phang. If any of you know how I can contact her, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you.

Drawing a Bonsai Tree

Hi all
My fondest memories of Poi Ching? I have quite a hazy memory now, but I remember a drawing lesson where we had to draw still life, featuring the Bonsai Tree behind the canteen! Teacher was Hu Haizhou right?(Can't remember which year this was!)

I'm currently working in my family business, and have 2 kids aged 5 and 3! Chelsea is 5 this year and Ryan is 3. I am currently looking forward to my next holiday in Melbourne next month! Haha...

Look forward to seeing more updates!!

Hey all

Hi this is Lisa posting - the first one (eating cake) is me :P ..jacq- should;ve put a more flattering picture leh.. heehee...

How's everyone? just in case you guys/gals don't already know, i am married with 2 kids, and working as in-house legal counsel with NTUC (yes, it's just a job; no, i do not have any political affiliations whatsoever with the you-know-whos).

sigh, been tryingto post a pic of my kids but this is taking way too long.. so if anyone is interested, leave a comment (bwahahaha) and i will post, but only on popular demand.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

lisa & lina

hey all! my 1st post onto the Blog!
Here's some pictures of the twins..... sorry, din have any of me with them :P

and this is a pix of my 17-month old daughter Gracie:

Friday, August 18, 2006

School Days Memories

What were your most memorable events during our six or seven years (including Pre-Primary) in Poi Ching School ???

Share with us !

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Class of 6A (graduated in 1986)

Bits of information about us...

Form Teacher : Mrs Chew ST

Subject Teachers
English : Mrs Chew ST
Chinese : Mr Hu Hai Zhou
Maths : Mrs Chew ST
Physical Education : Mr Hu Hai Zhou
Music : Mrs Liu Mei Ling
Hao Gong Ming : He Rui Shen
Science : ???
Social Studies : ???



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